Well done everyone on surviving design camp!

Something coming up post-Task 3 – for anyone interested in zines and small-press publishing, the MCA Zine Fair is a big event and worth checking out. Lots of stalls of people selling or trading their own zines. It’s on once a year, this time as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival:

Fri 22 May 5.00 – 9.00pm
Sat 23 May 10.00 – 6.00pm
Sun 24 May 10.00 – 6.00pm


Another interesting project – Case Study – carried out on Cockatoo Island, this time an experiment in collaboration and communal habitation. Six people attempting to start a new society, bringing only what they could fit into suitcases, setting out to explore ‘ideas about how societies are created, colonialism, colonisation, migration, utopianism, as well as discussing Australia’s own response to migration, refugees, population growth, Australia’s Indigenous histories and the way white settlement and Aboriginal people have interacted.

‘Whatever floats your boat’ – A project by Sydney artist/book-maker/architect Keg de Souza (& map-maker we love). Keg did an artist residency on Cockatoo Island in 2009/10, during which time she built a boat and rowed it to freedom on the other side of the harbour, in memory of Captain Thunderbolt (successful escapee from the island) and his wife Mary Ann Bugg. Read more here.

And now for a few interdisciplinary projects involving islands near and far… this is Nowhere Island, a mind-boggling project that took place along the South West coast of England in 2012, in which an island journeyed (!) from the High Arctic region of Svalbard through international waters, becoming the world’s newest nation – ‘Nowhereisland’ – with citizenship open to all. An interesting counterpoint to the politics and rhetoric of ‘border protection’ that we are so accustomed to in contemporary Australia.


Some manifestos and charters for your perusal…


> AAA’s R-Urban wiki

> ‘Worldview Review’ – Miriam Lyon’s extensive list of progressive manifestos (including the Digital Manifestos Archive)

> The latest First Things First manifesto

> Hacker manifesto 4.0

> Free Culture manifesto

> Mess Hall‘s Ten Points

As we head towards Cockatoo Island, here is a little reading to get you thinking about the particular qualities of the site that you’ll be interrogating with your group in Assignment 2.

First – an excellent article in Cabinet magazine about islands – as a ‘natural geographical model for the classic territorial conception of a state’.

Next, a special issue of Runway magazine, a local online journal, collecting together visual and text-based work related to the theme of islands.

And lastly, a curious online journal all about islands. That’s right… every issue. It’s called The Island Review.



The Paris-based collective Atelier d’architecture autogérée / studio for self-managed architecture (AAA) has been discussed a little in class – here is a video from them on the CurryStone Design Prize site, explaining their approach and the way a project unfolds with multiple collaborators and stakeholders. This whole site is a great resource, with some excellent videos by previous winners. I also recommend the video by Jeanne van Heeswijk. Don’t forget to read the text down below the video.