A short video, ‘Powers of Ten’ by Ray and Charles Eames.

Please watch this in full screen mode, and not on your phone..  ( here’s how: > click on ‘youtube’ in the bottom right of this thumbnail, then again in the bottom right of the screen, once you’re in youtube).

You will very likely be shown this 1968 (re-released in 1977) film again at some point in your design degree. It’s a fantastic example of how one thing can be interpreted or understood very differently depending on the viewer’s perspective, and on how the act of ‘looking’ and the object of study is framed. In this case the scale of observation shifts from one extreme to another. Can we consider this a form of visual mapping? Does it give you any ideas for ways to approach the journal task, in which you should be connecting very specific details drawn from your research with broader ideas and issues?