Today on the blog we look at a range of people carrying out their own exploratory research into the edibility of their cities, and then visualising and communicating those discoveries in the form of a publicly available map..

> A community-generated local food map for a specific region in Victoria.

> This wild food app by local artist and wild foods advocate Diego Bonetto. You can add to the map too.

> Keg de Souza’s collaboratively-produced food map of Otara in South Auckland (this many of you have already seen in class)

> and… Fallen Fruit, a collective from Los Angeles whose practice includes producing maps of ‘public fruit’ (fruit growing on street trees or publicly accessible parts of a neighbourhood) in various parts of the world. This is a good example of the kind of nomadic global art practice that Miwon Kwon discusses in ‘One Place After Another’, where a particular idea or methodology is applied iteratively in different locations.

How would you map the food stories in your own neighbourhood?