Tonight! Just around the corner from UTS!
(Opening 6-8pm at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, 181-187 Hay Street, Sydney)

MASS GROUP INCIDENT is a major five-month project curated and produced by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Between 17 January – 31 May 2015, a multi-stage program of exhibitions, site-specific projects, performances, film screenings and public programs will be presented at 4A’s galleries in Sydney’s Chinatown district and a number of off-site locations.

Bringing together artists from Australia, Asia and Europe, MASS GROUP INCIDENT explores ideas of social engagement and collective action through the ever-shifting and complex position of the individual in relation to the group. From the fervour of the dissenting drive in the struggle for a different world, through to the sober realities of expediency and complicity, contemporary ideas and expressions of collective action resonate across history and geographies in ways that have profound implications for our present and our futures.”